Monday, September 14, 2009


3 H A P P Y cheers!

On 12 September 1971 a baby boy was born ...

On 12 September 1998 that baby boy turned 27 and married a woman ...

On 12 September 1999 a baby boy was born and a lil family is formed

On 12 September every year we will celebrate the birthday of my life partner, our wedding anniversary and the birthday of my first born!! Yipeeeeeee...(we calculated the timing so perfectly...hahhahaaaa..yer la tuhh)

happy! happy! happy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys!

Its been a quite a while since my last post. This post is specially dedicated to my boys. When we said "boys will be boys!" we always associte it with cheeky or bad things. Is that bad? Is that good?

I have 3 boys and for before anyone says "poor you! to take care of 3 boys! You should try for a girl"... I want you people to put a halt to that thought. I know having 3 boys can be quite handful and how sometimes I do wish that they are (one of them at least :D) a little princess. How nice and how I can dress them in preeeetty things and how we can be best friends for life! When I habour that thought I realise that it is not fair for my three angels. What qualify a girl to be a princess in everyone hearts and how being a boy automaticly disqualify them from such thing? Having boys is not bad at all.. and having 3 boys is the same thing as having 3 girls! No difference..!

How when my boys utter the words "I love you, mama!" "I love you to infinity!"makes my heart melt? mmm...they are boys but if they know how to appreciate a women it means so much! My boys are just like the other boys...they play, they laugh, they fight...they play, they laugh, they fight and it will continue like that.

One day something sweet happened. It was just a simple note made my heart goes " sweet..."

I came back from office and saw this being stuck to the fridge door.

It is a note from lil bro to big bro. Lil bro bought ice cream using his pocket money for his big bro.

The next day, this note was stuck to the fridge door as well. The big bro is returning the favor of his lil bro... he too, buy Adam's fav ice cream! sweettt...

I want my boys not to feel shy or ashamed to utter the words " I love you"... I want them to show their feelings and not hide them...

Mama LOVE YOU Imran and Adam!! and of course baby Irsyad!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Have Some Milk ;p



Mrs Cow

Last August my little bundle of joy came and said hello to the world! I've already made a promise to give him the best of all thing i.e. boobie milk ;p. (boobie = breast : coz it sounds so cute...please forgive my inner child) I gathered a lot of information from the net (how would we live without it!) on how to collect and store that precious liquid. At first I was quite sceptical on how I would fare in maintaining the affair as know I'm the kind of person who would jump in the bandwagon , get excited, do it religiously and after the fire died down...I do not even wanna give it a second look ...hhehhehe! (i know myself best!)

There were loads of information in the net and I am just being grateful that I live in this modern world with information search is just at my big, fat fingertips. Now after a good 6 months my angel is still hooked with my boobies. My boobies belongs to my angel (hehehee...he do not have to share them at the moment as Mr K is not available *wink!* wink!*) He is so precious that I do not want to feed him mooo milk. I mean, what is moooo milk compared to boobie milk?! Right? It is a wonderful liquid full of nutritious goodness. Its God's concoction! It is the BEST! It is so wonderful you can have it anytime, anywhere, anyhow! (sounds like an advertisement)

Even the mooo milk manufacturers realize this fact that in almost every tin are printed with "Breast Milk Is The Best". You know the fact is correct if your rival agrees with you. Mooo milk is burning a hole in your pocket and some brands can cost up to RM70.00. The price you hafta pay is ridiculous! Your boobie juice is F.O.C. You do not hafta pay a single sen. It also helps to bring back my pre baby body in record time ( least in my own personal record. *results may varies* wink!)

Like going to a battle, one must prepare oneself with good ammunition. In this case, a dual pump that work wonders and almost magical was purchased before the little angel was born. It is a good machine and totally grateful for having it. If you want to compare the cost of the machine to how much money you spend on moo milk powder, it is totally worth it.

But...wait!! I'm not saying the truth. Please do forgive me for misleading whoever read this.

When I said it doesn't cost me anything I totally forgot that I have to fork out a fair bit to buy new clothes. So, the equation is:

Lil ones + boobie milk = slim body = wardrobe change = new you! (yipeee!!!)

I'm not a professional but that is what boobie feed my child has done to me! huhuhuhu...

Ain't he lovely?


This little bundle of joy melts my heart as soon as I set my eyes on her ... she's so sweet!

Look at those cheeks adorable!

Tired and proud mommy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Girl

I'm so happy to have another female character into the Khans clan. She's the cuppycake of Afiq and Yong. She came via c-section today @ 10.00 am.

Yong was so nervous at first, when the doctor said she will have to go under the knife. You know what I told her? Don't be scared coz Angelina Jolie and Vicky B ("I'm too posh to push") had 3 times under the same procedure. They are still around and have a kick ass body to flaunt. Hehehhehe....guess it slowed down her blood pressure!

Morning Blues

This morning as I was getting ready to work, suddenly I heard a snort...who could it be? (its the phobia I developed since the house was broken into last time) I hold my breath and waited for something to happen. Then, my little angle still in his PJs and rubbing his eyes appeared before my eyes. He is asking me not to go to work. Asked him why, baby? Because he misses IDK and he feels bored all alone in the house with all the toys and computer games and PSP and the telly ALL to himself...(hahhahaha) and no one to fight! How adorable! Ooohh....I love you little tarts!